..Stuff I get asked all the time :)

Do you accept freelance work?


Absolutely !  Email me  for details and I'm sure I'll do my best to help out.     In fact, freelance work is my bread and butter, my favourite thing!


NDA discretion never a problem.

How can I contact you?


Feel free to contact me via email:      rico@ricoholmes.com


It doesn't have to be for a commission. I always feel flattered to recieved mail from people who have enjoyed my works, or asking for advice or feedback. Feel free to mail anytime.

Who am I ?


Born 22nd September '69 (yup, an ancient hippie virgo)


UK Citizen; lived in Sweden for the best part of my adult life ( 25 years now!).  Thinking about it, I might want to change my citizenship after the whole Brexit thing.    Note to self: check back in acouple of months and see if this needs editing.



Work history and mini bio:


     For super many years I've been involved in the games industry, both in design and art capacities.  In the late 80's I was freelancing for arcade companies doing art conversion from machine to consoles of the time.


  I then went on to design a couple of games, and developing them with my long time partner in crime Andreas Tadic.  Those we sold outright - the best of the time to Codemasters (then a huge player).


  Then in the early 90's  I was working with the coolest games developers in the world; Team17. As one of the founding members, I worked with Team17 on virtually all the games they produced to date, and I couldn't imagine ever wanting to do otherwise (apart from being Courtney Cox's personal masseur) had I not moved back to Sweden.


   As much as I loved Team 17 I missed living in Sweden, and with the passing of my father I decided to moved back in 2005.


   From moving back to Sweden I started immediately just helping out my old buddy Andreas Tadic with his company. Entirely as charity to start with (I had money saved). The company, Custom Red, was a small team developing game technology and mostly financing itself with work for hire on casual games (pre iphone era).   While I was initially only working to help out it rapidly became apparent that the art outsourcing was generating more money than game development. This was due to a shift in the nature of the games industry of the time. Ultimately I ended up taking reigns of the company and taking on other artists to run as an art outsourcing company to the games industry for a few years.


  In 2010 there was another huge shift in the industry and a lot of our clients were being bought up by larger companies. A consolidation of the giants was inevitable, so I opted to close the doors of Custom Red and return to freelancing and general experimenting.


   During this period I developed a few apps for the iPhone (including the European #1 selling app of the time!) and tinkered while freelancing.   As fabulous as it was, it was also a boom and bust economy which isn't super responsible as family life goes.  Time to settle down !


  in late 2010 I made a shift from games industry art to Highend 3D as a refreshing change. I joined a small company called GetReal doing various marketing material renderings.  Fabuolous guys, but as a relatively small company it was fanancially unstable.


   From 2011 to present I've been working at the fabulous wee studio: Rabadang doing all their 3D work.  Massively gratifying stuff, and with a superb range of clients.




•Newcastle Brown Ale.

•Pretty much everything and anyone after a couple of Newcastle Brown Ales.



• The Tax Office and every last MOFO that works for 'em. Die scum die.

• Cats - unless they're siamese, because for some mad reason I'm not allergic to siamese cats.

Can I use one of your images on my website?


I rarely refuse permission to display my artwork in galleries when I'm asked. I do insist on being asked first though, so please email me in that case. I do not allow use of the image for site decoration however.

This is why I've also avoided animations and paid for a domain rather than have bloody annoying pop-up spam

I see you've done the artwork for X site ..are you a member?


The reason for the previous answer is that my artwork has been stolen in the past and used as site decoration for a couple of sites - the worst case being a "pirate software" site which is a wholly unfair association.


I can't use the right button menu on your website to save images..


Yes, the right mouse button (and image toolbar) have been currently disabled throughout this site in order to partially protect artwork. I always reply to email requests for higher res images of artwork however - I normally send via email attachment.     I used to allow saving directly of much higher resolution images, but found my work was being plagiarized and sold.


 On one occasion artwork of mine was used by an asian studio for advertising of a major car company in the USA.  It was devastating not just as a personal affront, but the lack of recognition.

What is the best 3D software to use?


Maya, 3DSMax, Cinema 4d, Zbrush, Houdini, Blender, Modo and even Lightwave!

. .. Don't ask me which is the best because they all are equally strong. Some users will tell you one is better than the other, but they're usually elitist types. Having worked with them all I found the only real difference is the price and workflow. To be honest; the skills you bring as an artist are far more important than the technical abilities of either of these packages.


- I rarely need to jump between packages these days myself. I just love Maya. Experience with other packages is always a bonus, and you’ll find the occasional treat ( it’s 2016 as of typing and Cinema 4D seems to be blossoming amazingly by the month, whereas 3DS Max doesn’t appear to be getting much love at all. I wonder where it will go from here.


   Note to self: Check back here in a year !

Can you recommend any courses to a beginner?


Gnomon, Gnomon, Gnomon!

I cant draw and I have no money but can u do a picture 4 me?


Don't be silly. .


How long does it take you to do a picture?


There are so many things that dictate how long it takes to do an image that it's an impossible answer. Some people tend to think that modelling an image as opposed to painting is almost "cheating". It takes a heck of a lot longer to set up a modelled scene than painting from scratch however.

- a good painting normally takes about a week. a 3D image can take months of modelling and organising especially if done in your freetime.

Where have the images from your Amiga days gone?


Since updating my site to the new format the very old stuff had no real place.. It will come back later, but be very well hidden deep in the site. I'll make a note here when that's done.


All artwork and content copyright Rico Holmes 2016   Use of imagery without express permission strictly forbidden.