RH Color Nudger

For Photoshop CC

Elegance in a tiny package!

         RH Color Nudger is a deceptively simply little widget.  All it does is float around and allow you to nudge your current color to a lighter or darker tone. Honestly.. that's it !


         Oh, and you can lock the color with the right mouse button.




Shortcut Buttons:

Right click





Toggle the lock status of the widget


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Price Difference?


There is a price difference to cater for the different market fees applied. Note: While Gumroad charge less in market fees you will need to manually install the extension, Adobe installs and updates automatically.





All Dynamic Swatches are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and above, utilizing and leveraging the very latest API.

Color Nudger ©Rico Holmes 2017



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