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Chameleon Adaptive Palette

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Love Your Palette!

 Designed with concept artists and digital painters in mind - Chameleon Adaptive Palette is a smart palette/swatch system that adapts intelligently to keep you in the flow.


An entirely new panel based on the tech of the fabulously received Dynamic Swatches series. Chameleon Palette is a single panel that changes according to your needs.  Feature rich and CPU light (it takes no resources while painting) it does everything the Dynamic Swatches did and more.  All, again, in one incredibly flexible panel.

Meet Chameleon Adaptive Palette

So what does it do ?


Chameleon is a culmination of many features of my other extensions, collected and refined into one panel.


Each of the strips provides a different color function, but they all have the same principle.  They automatically and intelligently generate ranged colors swatches or palettes based on the one you just selected. From whatever source, canvas included.


They can be locked to act as a static palette, or unlocked to dynamically give you variations.






Unique Chameleon Features:


Single panel


    - A panel that can be placed anywhere, docked anywhere, and adopt any dimensions. From microscopic to full-screen. Fully Retina Friendly.


Direct color control of Solid Color and Vector Shape layers !


     No more delving into additional color requesters to change colors of fill objects.  If your current layer is a vector shape or Solid color etc; a single click on a Chameleon color will change that layer contents instantly.


User color strips !


    Now you can add or remove your own color with the user strips.  Double click to add, Alt-click to remove.  They can be dragged around and Chameleon will fill in the gaps with in-between gradients on the fly !





"Now everybody in the studio wants a copy."

Listen to me warble for far too long

Adaptive Layout


 The UI is designed to e flexible and customizeable to your preference.  It adapts intelligently.

  if you shrink it to tiny proportions for example, it reduces the labels to a text overlay, and removes the cosmetic shadow saparation etc.


  The amount of swatches available is automatically governed by the width of the panel. You shouldn't be limited other than by how much workspace you want :)

The nearest color indicator


 The subtle dot indicates the nearest color in the range to the current color you have for you brush.


When the Swatch is in locked mode, the dot indicates the last color you selected from the swatch.

Locking the Panel


  When you have a color range pertinent to the area you're painting it's often best practice to lock the colors temporarily to stay in the range.


Swatches can either be locked on the small UI here or by Right - Clicking anywhere on the panel.


Info Label toggle


 The labels are designed to help you intuitively get to grips with what each type of strip does.


   Note that in full mode, you can click through the labels, they don't actually get in the way of the mouse. The labels do get out of the way for you to see the whole strip, but eventually you may wish to turn them off completely or toggle them temporarily.


Full Menu


 Most artists won't want all the available strips on screen at all time. We like to avoid clutter, and as such Chameleon allows you to set up your color preferences exactly as you want them.  All preferences are remembered between sessions.


Instant Layer Recoloring


 If your current layer is a solid color or shape, Chameleon detects this and changes the color on the fly with a single click.  No more diving into color requesters!

    While Chameleon is primarily aimed at digital painters, if you're a designer this is worth gold.- allowing rapid on-the-fly color switching.

User Color Strips


 You can have up to eight user color strips each with as many color swatches as you want via the window size.  User color strips act similarly to standard swatches, except they automatically generate blends between swatches!   Just double click to add a swatch, Alt-click to delete it. Drag swatches along the strip to generate gradients in between.

    The hollow circle indicates a user swatch.




 New to version 2.2.2 is the DTones strip and panel.

Designed by request, this strip allows you to set the tonality of the shadows and hilites of the DTone range.

   For example, you may want the shadow colors always to edge toward a darker, colder tone while the hilites should edge towards a warmer tone..

   DTones auto-adapt as with other strips, but with your rules.


User Guide

Shortcut Buttons:

Right click




Double click


ALT + click


Shift + ALT + click

Toggle the lock status of the panel




Add a custom color to User Strip


Remove custom color on user strip


Clears all custom user User Strip colors



"I can't believe you made the addon I've been searching for for years. Thank you, thank you !  It's perfect!.."


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Price Difference?


There is a price difference to cater for the different market fees applied. Note: While Gumroad charge less in market fees you will need to manually install the extension, Adobe installs and updates automatically.



All Dynamic Swatches are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and above, utilizing and leveraging the very latest API.

Chameleon Adaptive Palette ©Rico Holmes 2017