It was supposed to be a speed painting but I got all caught up in the details. A bad habit of mine, so it ends up being just a big elaborate doodle without composition or structure. It was part of a much bigger (wider) painting backdrop, but I’m going to drop it and move on for a bit. Maaaybe return later (the other bit of course was to have the Dragon in it.


It's been a few years since I first rendered this image,but it's always been one of my favourites, which is why I like to keep it up front on the website despite the pixels showing their age.   The original image was rendered with the resitricted technology of the time, so in order to make it a bit more viewable on modern screens I did some minor overpainting earlier this year,


    Why am I telling you this ?  Well, it makes sense when you see the snippet from when it was originally rendered:




For the project I’d been working on at Team17 I was required to learn 3D Studio Max.. I’d been using Maya for years and it was a refreshing chance to learn a new package.


This image is entirely modelled and rendered from scratch in Max as part of the learning process- I wanted to make sure I could match a painterly style as close as possible.


The trees, for example were modelled in 4 entirely different ways and the ground texture was an almighty effort of cross breeding blends and fall-off. The only problem I discovered along the way is Max’s handling of transparency while there’s fog present in a scene.


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