World Tree


As much as I enjoy creature work, portraits, life sketches etc, I always seem to get the most “inner peace” from painting landscapes.   Especially non-commissioned work just for my own pleasure.


This painting is largely unfinished as of writing  -12th Nov 2016- but I’ve never been in any real stress to finish it either.  There are many aspects I love about it ( is it conceited to like some of your own work ? Im not sure!).  The mountain tree was much inspired from a trip to Guillin in China some years ago that I’ve juct been meaning to do something with for a long time.





I’m not terribly fond of the citadel as it stands – it was originally a scottish style castle but that didn’t seem to fit either. The scale of it never worked out as it was either miniscule as a normal castle or just unpleasant as a fortress.  I was enjoying the fact this painting had a tranquil feel, and wanted to keep in that vein.  The citadel is definitely better, but ..  hmm.  maybe I’ll approach it again another day.

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