Lizard King


Broken free from the chains below, the Lizard King is hungry for retribution. Not quite Dragon yet, and on the verge of ascension.


I’m delighted to say this piece is now the cover for Shayne Eason’s Phantasy Ink book coming soon:– a company that have proven to be an absolute pleasure to work with (please, do pop by and pick up a copy!)


Again, pure joy to work on this commisssion.  And while this one is a little dated (look at the edges around those pixels!) I do believe that when you enjoy working on something, it shows in the end result every time.


     I've already waxed on about why I think I enjoy painting dragons on the Black Dragon page, but as I type I relive a fantasy I had a couple of years ago of doing an art book of nothing but dragons. What bliss that would be.  I suspect I missed the Kickstarter train on that one, but one day I might just do it for the hell of it.

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