Angels Two

Angels Two

Sometimes we all get a tune playing over and over in the back of our minds. An "earworm" is the charming term I hear the Germans call it.    The best way to get that out of your mind is intuitively to actually play and listen to it with your real ears. 

Artists have the same phenomena but with a mental image.   I can understand it's difficult for a non-creative to grasp but it's a need. A true and sometimes desperate need to get that image out.

This was the case with Angels Two - It's been in the back of my head for probably a month or two now and finally I had a chance to work on it.

 A mix of sculpture and painting, it's evolved ever so slightly along the way and while I'm not entirely happy with the composition, there are details I'm glad to see out in the image.  The dark halo is one; as a mental image it was vague (and that's even more of a nagging sensation) and took a couple of attempts to grasp what was in there, but it's exactly as I wanted it.

 There are no allegorical messages in this work: it's simply a composition of light and dark, where the darker (usually "evil") character was never to be ugly.  I wanted her to have as much beauty as the foreground character. I wanted her to be the very second point of focus but one that's attractive rather than ominous or threatening. I wanted her to draw the viewer deeper into exploring, rather than the story being handed there.

 Happy enough with the result to let this one go now.