The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon

Another Dragon, this one was commissioned for the book by Shayne Easson over at Phantasy Ink.  

Always a dream to be given Dragon commissions as pretty much everyone that knows me knows they're my favourite subject to paint.  I've often contemplated why, and I suspect it's because they're both monstrous and majestic, sometimes even handsome.  An odd term to use I guess, but it's the same phenomina that we experience with lions - dreadful killing machines, yet compelling and beautiful.   Dragons, when painted properly have those attributes and a good deal of fantastical imagination. There's a certain freedom there, and I guess that's where I find the karma, the zen, of exploring that.

Again, fabulous, fabulous people to work with, and I sincerely hope they sold bucketloads (especially with the new huge trend for eBooks that the modern tablets have spawned).

     It's been some years since this commission, and still one of the most enjoyable.  I should stop waiting for dragon commissions and just do more of them for the hell of it.    

 Yes!   That's a bloody good idea....